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I’m gonna stay off social media aside from tumblr for a while. I’m gonna give my friends a break from me. I don’t want to accidentally step in where I’m not wanted again.

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That hurt. It really did. You talk to me when you have problems. I’m sorry for being annoying and paranoid. It’s not a conscious choice I make, just like you don’t choose to be depressed. You apologized, and I know you didn’t mean it, but that definitely left me bruised. You’re my best friend and I get that you’re depressed and that’s why you’re mean but holy shit that hurt…

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dieuwertjesgtc-deactivated20140 asked: I just wanted to thank you for the post you made about people hating on BOTDF using false statements and such. I get really frustrated when I see people hating on Dahvie because I don't believe shit of all the rumours. It's really nice to see your post. It makes me feel better and when I see hate I just keep telling myself they're all attention seeking fucks trying to bring Dahvie down. But they never will. I don't really make sense, but I really appreciate that post. Thank you.

You’re welcome friend <3

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i was the one who put the suicidal stuff on the wall of the bathroom stall. and then lied about it.

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Rants: Dahvie Vanity Rumors Examined/Debunked


Hello tumblr. I am here to address the rumors surrounding blood on the dance floor frontman, Dahvie Vanity, and explain what I know about them. Most people starting or perpetuating these rumors do not seem to have the whole story, and so I intend to give it, or at least what I know. And I seem to…

More things to know:

-His girlfriend is above legal age (and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever talked to, but that’s beside the point.)

-The “Flash Me” sign everyone likes to go on about was given to him by a fan while he was onstage, and he didn’t want to ignore it because he would feel bad.

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Why I don’t like onision

So I watched all these videos about onision and him filming his wife having a seizure and a bunch of other crazy things he’s supposedly done to his wife/previous wives

And I hate him.

Not because of that. A lot of people say that those things were staged, or that the girl was insane, and a bunch of other things, and you know what? Maybe they fucking were insane. I haven’t a clue.

Could he be crazy?
Is he?
I don’t know.

The reason I don’t like him has to do with a video he made addressing a suicidal fan who was being verbally abused by his/her mother. He basically told the person that their depression was their own fault, and the way he handled the whole thing was incredibly ignorant and just plain stupid.

One of the things I recall him saying was, “Well, your mom could say horrible things to me and I wouldn’t be affected.”

That made me want to punch the fucker.



Im sure if onision’s mother were verbally abusing him he’d feel like complete and total shit though. Maybe think of it that way next time, Greg.

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niallsprincesstrisha asked: Thank the BOTDF gods for you. I spent a lot of time looking for an answer to the Dahvie Vanity raped accusations and you had it all in one post. :) I was really confused by everything about it, but thank you for clearing it up for me! You are the best SGTC member ever X)

You’re welcome. And I don’t think I’m the best, but thank you very much for the compliment. <3

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the-apex-predator asked: im in love with your botdf post. i agree with everything you said and im so glad someone is sticking up for those poor boys. dahvie gave me my first kiss but wouldnt do so without knowing i was 18 first. he asked me if i was and i said yes i have my ID do you want to see it and he said no he believed me. i was 18, almost 19 at the time and looked it so im sure he was positive i was 18. they are such lovely wonderful boys and im glad to see positivity in the tag <333

Thank you. I’ve been debating making the post for a while now. Yesterday, someone who was an ADULT was attacking BOTDF fans and it was quite obvious he had no clue what he was talking about, so I decided to make this post. And yes, they really are good guys.

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Dahvie Vanity Rumors Examined/Debunked

Hello tumblr. I am here to address the rumors surrounding blood on the dance floor frontman, Dahvie Vanity, and explain what I know about them. Most people starting or perpetuating these rumors do not seem to have the whole story, and so I intend to give it, or at least what I know. And I seem to know more than a fair amount of people.

**I do not have screenshots of some of these things. I will add in what I can find.**

•Jessi Slaughter- The first rumor that started it all. Jessi was an emotionally unstable eleven year old who started a rumor for attention. Her Internet use was very obviously not monitored, and so she started a rumor and at first claimed not to be bothered, posting this video:


She then received harassment for her claims, and had an emotional breakdown on camera, with her father yelling at those harassing her.


I am not defending those who threatened her, but she should have expected backlash. Her father appeared in the video, and a large amount of blame for her actions should be placed on her parents. The reason I was intelligent enough not to be an idiot on the internet when I was young was because my parents watched me and taught me how to behave. If I had done something like her as a child, or now, I would have been told that I had brought it upon myself. My parents would have taken my Internet privileges away, and that would have been that. Her father jumped in and added fuel to the fire.

Dahvie was arrested on her allegations, but released after she refused to take a rape test. Another video was released in 2011 of Jessi apologizing for her actions and admitting that she had lied.


•Isabelle Vanity- This was another girl whom was desperate for Dahvie’s attention. She tweeted him multiple times, sending her pictures of cuts that weren’t even hers, and threatening to kill herself unless he replied. When he didn’t reply to her, her tweets escalated to “I’ll tell everyone you raped me unless you reply.” She threatened to take him to court, but never did. Things went further from there. I will add in a video if I can find it.

(I was unable to find the video of the tweets, but I basically just summarized it for you.)

She then went on an angry rant against botdf and haley rose, but after a while began to call herself a fan again.


She then left the Internet for quite some time. She returned sometime last year, and I did see her new twitter account. She at first apologized for the things she said about Dahvie, but then returned to hating him, saying that she didn’t mean her apology. She flip flopped several more times. I believe she has left yet again. I do not know where she stands now, but she is not a credible source of information.

•NYD- They made accusations against Dahvie, but their stories did not match up. Ash Costello made a tumblr post, which was deleted almost right after it was posted. I did not manage to screenshot it. In it, she said that her band left the tour of their own accord because Dahvie made her feel uncomfortable. Fine. The problem started when Danny (who I believe is in charge of their merch) voiced his story. It did not match Ash’s. He stated that Dahvie kicked them off of the tour.

What I want to know is, if a band treated you so horribly, or were such bad people, why would you tour with them three times? If I were in a band and I felt I was not being treated right by someone I was on tour with, I would leave. I would not do any more tours with them, no matter how much I was paid. That was the reason they stayed on tour, they said. Because of the money. I’m sorry, but if you are being mistreated, or if you witness other people being harmed, and you stay on that tour and don’t speak up right away because your money matters more to you than the welfare of other human beings, I will not take you as a reliable information source.

•Kitty Brooker- Kitty and her then best friend Kerry Louise went on the UK tour with botdf to provide female vocals. They were of legal age. Things went perfectly fine for the entire tour, and at the end of it, Kitty made a Facebook post on the band’s page saying what kind people they were and that none of the drama was true. I do not have a screenshot of this, as when the post was made I did not believe I would ever need it. By this point it is likely too buried to be found. She suddenly turned against them months after the tour for seemingly no reason at all. Her story doesn’t match Kerry’s, who is still friends with the band. I will post Kerry’s words below.


•Jeffree Star- This argument was several years ago, but people seem to think that it is current, and try to use it as proof. Jeffree thought he saw something, and jumped to conclusions about things. He posted a series of tweets. They are as follows.

"I NO longer support botdfmusic an how disgusting Dahvie is. Touching children an enjoying the attention is evil. FUCK OFF sicko. If you support that piece of shit then unfollow me becuz you’re supporting child molestation. Dahvie is the lowest worthless scum Ive ever met. Being on tour with that child fucker has made me see the truth. I regret ever doing a song with that pig. RIP cuz you’ll never be me. I’m going to speak the truth until the day i die. We saw botdfmusic Dahvie bring underage girls to his hotel room and do sexual things. 100% ILLEGAL. I’m done, now u all know the truth. Unfollow and block that piece of shit. Sorry to all my fans who had to see him on tour an if he hurt u."

He later realized that he was wrong in what he accused Dahvie of, made up with blood on the dance floor, and they are friends again. They did the 2012 Scene Is Dead tour together. These tweets are not recent, nor are they credible evidence.

This can also tie in with my discrediting NYD. Given Jeffree’s reaction to their earliest argument, don’t you think that if what NYD says is true, that he would have been the first one off that tour? Don’t you think that he would have come out against botdf, rather than siding with them?

•Videos and pictures of a “minor”- This video seems to be some sort of undeniable proof to people. It is not. People assume that this girl was underage, when she was in fact, not. The girl was at least nineteen and his girlfriend at the time. They were both drunk upon filming the video. Drunk sex is not rape. Regret sex, maybe. But not rape. The video is below.


There have also been photos of Dahvie kissing girls on the lips. Dahvie does not kiss fans on the lips without an ID. Most photos I have seen, the girl could be a teen, but she could also very well be somewhere in her twenties. You can’t tell just by appearance. There was a girl in my art class a few years ago who looked like she was barely even twelve, but she was eighteen and in her senior year of high school. It is very hard to tell age just by how someone looks.

•Various others- If I didn’t like a band, I could very easily accuse them of anything I wanted. I could say the one direction tried to rape me if I chose to. But I won’t. Botdf make easy targets due to all of the attention seekers that there are.
If anything had actually happened, I would take him to court. People have also said that Dahvie is creepy because he likes to hug his fans. I’m not sure about you guys, but if I were in a band, or did anything which gained me fans, I’d want to hug all my fans too. You wouldn’t think that was weird, would you? Why not? Because I’m a non-muscular, non-threatening girl? Their words do not prove a thing.

You may take from this post what you wish. It is what I have found from taking a closer look at things. I simply wanted to make others aware. That is all.

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