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I’m gonna stay off social media aside from tumblr for a while. I’m gonna give my friends a break from me. I don’t want to accidentally step in where I’m not wanted again.

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That hurt. It really did. You talk to me when you have problems. I’m sorry for being annoying and paranoid. It’s not a conscious choice I make, just like you don’t choose to be depressed. You apologized, and I know you didn’t mean it, but that definitely left me bruised. You’re my best friend and I get that you’re depressed and that’s why you’re mean but holy shit that hurt…

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dieuwertjesgtc-deactivated20140 asked: I just wanted to thank you for the post you made about people hating on BOTDF using false statements and such. I get really frustrated when I see people hating on Dahvie because I don't believe shit of all the rumours. It's really nice to see your post. It makes me feel better and when I see hate I just keep telling myself they're all attention seeking fucks trying to bring Dahvie down. But they never will. I don't really make sense, but I really appreciate that post. Thank you.

You’re welcome friend <3

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i was the one who put the suicidal stuff on the wall of the bathroom stall. and then lied about it.

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Why I don’t like onision

So I watched all these videos about onision and him filming his wife having a seizure and a bunch of other crazy things he’s supposedly done to his wife/previous wives

And I hate him.

Not because of that. A lot of people say that those things were staged, or that the girl was insane, and a bunch of other things, and you know what? Maybe they fucking were insane. I haven’t a clue.

Could he be crazy?
Is he?
I don’t know.

The reason I don’t like him has to do with a video he made addressing a suicidal fan who was being verbally abused by his/her mother. He basically told the person that their depression was their own fault, and the way he handled the whole thing was incredibly ignorant and just plain stupid.

One of the things I recall him saying was, “Well, your mom could say horrible things to me and I wouldn’t be affected.”

That made me want to punch the fucker.



Im sure if onision’s mother were verbally abusing him he’d feel like complete and total shit though. Maybe think of it that way next time, Greg.

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niallsprincesstrisha asked: Thank the BOTDF gods for you. I spent a lot of time looking for an answer to the Dahvie Vanity raped accusations and you had it all in one post. :) I was really confused by everything about it, but thank you for clearing it up for me! You are the best SGTC member ever X)

You’re welcome. And I don’t think I’m the best, but thank you very much for the compliment. <3

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the-apex-predator asked: im in love with your botdf post. i agree with everything you said and im so glad someone is sticking up for those poor boys. dahvie gave me my first kiss but wouldnt do so without knowing i was 18 first. he asked me if i was and i said yes i have my ID do you want to see it and he said no he believed me. i was 18, almost 19 at the time and looked it so im sure he was positive i was 18. they are such lovely wonderful boys and im glad to see positivity in the tag <333

Thank you. I’ve been debating making the post for a while now. Yesterday, someone who was an ADULT was attacking BOTDF fans and it was quite obvious he had no clue what he was talking about, so I decided to make this post. And yes, they really are good guys.